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Some friends  asked, the titanium and the human body have a high degree of fit, and it  seems that there are also titanium alloys as an example of artificial  bones. Can you change the bones of the human body into titanium  (titanium alloy) as much as possible to realize the evolution of the  human body? I want to say that sci-fi movies like Wolverine are only science fiction films, and the reality is hard to achieve.

First  of all, the current level of technology can only achieve artificial  bone parts instead of their own bones. If the whole body is replaced,  each bone size of the human body is different, and it needs to be  customized separately. The difficulty of operation and the production  cost are immeasurable.

What happens if you replace all the bones in your body with titanium?

Secondly,  the hematopoietic function of bones cannot be simulated by titanium  alloy. The erythropoietin EPO secreted by the kidney can promote the  differentiation and differentiation of bone marrow hematopoietic stem  cells, but titanium alloy does not have this function unless you can  trust your surgeon to be on you. The bone marrow whole body transplant experiment can be very successful. However, you are very fortunate that every bone has been successfully transplanted to you. The  next step is more complicated connective tissue splicing. If it fails,  you will be cold. The wounds on your body will not heal at all. Various  viruses will invade your body.

Even  if you are fortunate enough to go through a long variety of repairs,  one in ten thousand, all the operations are successfully completed, and  the basic maintenance in the later stage is an area that has never been  touched. The difficulty of maintenance can be imagined. A little careless, the skeleton in the cremator is shining.

Let  us look at the concept given by the encyclopedia: artificial bone is a  new type of inorganic non-metallic material with biological functions.  It is similar to the structure of human bone and natural teeth.  Artificial bone can rely on the body fluid to supplement certain ions. The  new bone can undergo decomposition, absorption, precipitation and other  reactions at the bone joint interface to achieve a firm bond of the  bone. Artificial bone implantation in the human body requires Ca2+ and PO4 3- ions in the human body to form new bone. Titanium  alloy has very good biocompatibility with human body and is non-toxic,  corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant. These characteristics make  titanium alloy a raw material for artificial bone. At  the bone lesion, fix it with titanium and titanium screws. After a few  months, the bone will grow on the titanium and the thread of the screw. The  new muscles are wrapped in titanium. This "titanium bone" is like a  real bone. Even titanium artificial bone can be used instead of human  bone to treat fractures. At present, partial replacement of artificial bones has been very successful.

If you want to replace it all, it may take thousands of years for such a technology to be realized!

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