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According to the  British Defense Ministry's Defense Science and Technology Laboratory on  March 26, the British military has developed a new process that can  significantly reduce the production cost of titanium metal. The  technology will be widely applied in defense and other fields.

Titanium  has the characteristics of high strength, light weight and corrosion  resistance. It is commonly used in cutting-edge defense equipment such  as submarines and fighters. However, the complicated production process and high cost limit the widespread use of titanium.

To  this end, the UK Ministry of Defence Defence Science and Technology  Laboratory and the University of Sheffield have developed a breakthrough  titanium production process that can be used to make titanium powder in  two parts, and these parts and forged products The mechanical properties are equivalent.

This new process saves time and money by eliminating the need for a titanium process that previously required 40 processes. Matthew  Lent, chief material scientist at the Defense Technology Laboratory,  said that the innovation can reduce the production cost of titanium  parts by 50%, making it better suited for military equipment such as  submarines and armored vehicles.

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