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According  to CNBC, the US financial website, Russian lawmakers have proposed a  measure. If the Kremlin adopts this measure, it may stop Russia from  supplying titanium to the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing (BA).

The  Russian House of Commons (the State Duma) will consider legislation to  ban a range of commodities exported to the United States in retaliation  for Washington’s recent sanctions against Russian officials and  businessmen.

Members of Moscow said Friday that they have proposed a list of proposals to ban the sale of titanium to Boeing. The list also limits cooperation between the two countries in nuclear and space technology. In addition, it is recommended to further restrict imports of US agricultural products and food and beverages.

The aircraft industry is increasingly relying on titanium as a strong and lightweight material. This material can be used for wing assemblies, steering wheels, hydraulic systems and other components. There is 8.5% to 12% titanium on a Boeing 777 aircraft.

Russia's VSMPO-AVISMA is the world's largest producer of titanium alloys and a major supplier to Boeing. The Russian company told Reuters on Friday that stopping the deal could drive the company out of emerging markets.

Boeing also formed a joint venture with Rostec, the parent company of VSMPO-AVISMA. The two companies operate a factory in western Russia that specializes in aircraft parts.

The  trade restrictions proposed by Russian politicians are still in the  inquiry stage, and it remains to be seen whether the Kremlin will  include it in the law. Timothy Ash of BlueBay Asset Management said in an e-mail on Friday that the Russian government issued a clear warning.

He  told CNBC: "I think the reason they do not directly impose sanctions is  that they want the US government and its allies to consider further  sanctions against Russia."

Boeing's share price closed down 2.43% on Friday. Boeing told CNBC that they "understood the matter and will pay close attention to progress."

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