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Before the Spring Festival of 2020, a new crown pneumonia outbreak broke out in Wuhan and soon spread to provinces across the country. The CPC Central Committee issued a notice to win the fight against epidemic prevention and control. The Central Committee set up a Central Leading Group for the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Work, headed by Premier Li Keqiang. Various localities initiated the establishment of a "new type of coronavirus epidemic prevention and control emergency" led by party and government leaders Leading Group. " Fully mobilize, isolate and control villages and communities, reduce personnel movements, require everyone to wear a mask, prevent virus infection, and implement the State Council's joint prevention and control measures for epidemic prevention and control.

Since January 15th, the Baoji Titanium Industry Secretariat has been concerned about the new type of coronary pneumonia in Wuhan. In several WeChat groups, it reminded everyone to pay attention to the development of the epidemic, pay attention to prevention, call on individuals to wear masks, and prepare masks in advance to prevent them. Pre. As the Chinese New Year is on holiday, everyone is preparing a rich and varied plan for the New Year's Eve. In the early morning of the thirtieth year of the New Year, Wuhan City initiated measures to close the city to prevent the movement of people, and soon the country launched new crown pneumonia virus prevention and control measures. A series of activity plans, such as everyone going out and reunion, were forced to consciously cancel. Employees who did not return to their hometown for the Chinese New Year years ago canceled their trips consciously after the year. They strictly guarded against death and did not add chaos. They are responsible for virus prevention and control and local safety and health.

An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. Baotai Group, a leading company in the region, established the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Emergency Leadership Team on the second day of the first month of the first month (January 26), with the chairman and general manager as leaders, set up an emergency prevention and control office, and organized staff to send employees to the Spring Festival. We will carry out registration registration in such cases, and vigorously publicize the measures and measures for joint prevention and control of the national epidemic. The Baoji City Government and the High-tech Zone Management Committee established an epidemic prevention and control emergency leadership group. Under their leadership, all titanium enterprises in the region took action. With the enterprise as the unit, the person in charge of each enterprise organized relevant employees and contacted the employees. Where to go, find out the situation of employees who are out of the registered enterprise, and report the movement of personnel to the office of the Leading Group for Emergency Prevention and Control of Territory Epidemics. For those who are going to other places, especially those who have been diagnosed with new-onset pneumonia patients in key areas, carry out key prevention and control, and propagate and learn virus prevention and control knowledge, and require strict implementation of government's epidemic prevention and control measures. Do not visit relatives and friends, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, correctly understand the epidemic situation, take good precautions, live at home, pay attention to physical conditions, do not return to the unit for the time being, wait for the notice of return to the factory.

Companies donate generously to fulfill their social responsibilities. The epidemic of new crown pneumonia has affected the hearts of the people in the titanium industry. In the face of scarce supplies in key areas to combat the epidemic, especially the N95 masks, the stocks were sold out within a few days. The vice-chairman of the association, Wang Yongjin, chairman of the company Topuda Titanium, used his family and friends in Germany to organize procurement and urgently transport 1,000 N95 masks by air, valued at more than 30,000 yuan, and donated to the Baoji High-tech Zone Management Committee for epidemic prevention and control The emergency team and the Baoji Red Cross Society donated five million yuan in cash to the Baoji Red Cross Society as a sincere and modest contribution to the national new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control. Wang Yongjin, Chairman of Tupda Titanium, said: "Although our company has limited strength and donations are insignificant, when the country is in crisis, a little donation has demonstrated our company's incumbent responsibility and a deep home. National sentiments, and I look forward to passing this company's caring, gathering warmth, lighting up hopes, uniting the commonweal, preventing and treating collectively, and tackling difficulties together. "Here, we are taking the actual situation of Tuopuda Titanium Industry at the time of national crisis. The action appreciates the implementation of corporate social responsibility, and advocates and calls on more titanium companies to take an active role in contributing to the national epidemic prevention and control. It is understood that there are other titanium enterprises in the region, and they have donated materials such as medical masks, disinfection water, etc. to organizations and personnel working in the frontline of epidemic prevention and control, such as hospitals and emergency response teams. Many entrepreneurs and caring people At this time, they all showed the feelings of homeland protection against group rule and common difficulties.

Epidemic prevention and resumption of production. The new crown pneumonia epidemic this year has extended the holidays during the Spring Festival from January 30 to February 3 for the first time, and extended it to February 9. Beginning on February 10, with the epidemic prevention and control from one stage to another, the situation in different provinces across the country is undergoing different changes. It is imminent for enterprises to resume work and resume production, maintain economic development and social stability. The epidemic prevention and control will become normal for a period of time. The territorial governments and enterprises are trying to find ways to grasp the epidemic prevention and control in one hand and resume work and production in the other. According to the prevention and control of employees' homes and the Spring Festival home isolation, employees who live in the surrounding communities of the company and have normal health are organized to return to their posts and start production. Employees who have not returned in other places are required to postpone their return to work and return to Baoji. Isolate at home for 14 days, then decide whether to return to work and resume work based on physical conditions. Baotai Group undertakes national key scientific research and production projects. It is important that some defense and military products are delivered on time and in good quality. It is important for enterprises to resume work on time and in an orderly manner. Beginning on February 10, Baotai Group made strict preparations and worked out measures to resume production and production at abnormal production times. Organize some employees to return to work and resume production, and some workshops to start production. The staff of the government will take turns to work during abnormal work hours, without reducing tasks and non-stop work to ensure the orderly operation of the enterprise. Other titanium enterprises in the region also actively prepared epidemic prevention materials, recruited employees, and filled out application forms for resumption of labor and production in response to the requirements of the local government for resumption of labor and production. They were reviewed by the district's epidemic prevention and control emergency leadership team and resumed production after approval. As of press time, titanium enterprises above the scale in the region have resumed production to varying degrees, and small and micro enterprises are also preparing conditions for resume production. As the weather gets warmer and the employees in the field are separated to observe the normal return of the employees, the resumption of work and production will be gradually completed.

This year's production and operation of enterprises are affected by the prevention and control of the new crown virus epidemic. Compared with the resumption of production and production in the Spring Festival late last year, the company's output and operating income will be affected to some extent. However, with the end of the national epidemic prevention and control campaign, Enterprises will be working hard, race against time, and work overtime to drive out the lost output. At present, users in domestic enterprises, materials supply and use companies are on production and vacation status, the original contract can only be postponed delivery. After the epidemic, production is normal, and the goods to be delivered will follow immediately. However, enterprises with no raw material reserves may suffer from supply problems of raw materials and cannot deliver products to customers in a timely manner.

It is hoped that the epidemic situation will come to an early date, that enterprises will return to normal production as soon as possible, and that the society will resume its former prosperity as soon as possible.

Editor-in-chief: Chen Yan

Source: China Nonferrous Metals News

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