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Explosive compounding is often referred to as explosive welding. This method was first proposed by L.R.calr in 1944. He accidentally discovered two pieces of brass round flakes in an explosive explosion test, which were combined by the impact of the explosion, so he proposed a research topic of using explosives to combine different metals. After more than a decade, v.Phih Muhu introduced the explosive composite technology to industrial engineering for the first time. The United Kingdom, the former Soviet Union, the former Federal Republic of Germany, Czechoslovakia, Japan, and the United States also carried out research work on this technology. China's research on explosive composite technology began in the 1960s.

Explosive composites can withstand multiple and multiple forms of press working (such as rolling, stamping, spinning, forging, extrusion and drawing), machining (such as cutting, cutting, leveling, straightening and forming) ), as well as subsequent processing such as heat treatment, welding and explosion forming, without delamination and cracking. Many explosive composites are products after proper machining (such as flat sheets) and heat treatment (such as annealing). If the blank is subjected to subsequent press working, a composite material that is larger or smaller, longer or shorter, thicker or thinner, thicker or thinner, and shaped can be obtained. For example, by rolling an explosion-welded titanium-steel and stainless steel-steel composite slab, a longer, wider, thinner composite mid-plate and sheet can be obtained. The explosive composite material can be double, triple and multi-layer. Three layers such as titanium - steel - stainless steel, titanium - steel - nickel, stainless steel - steel - nickel, etc. These composites have different surface properties on both sides. Explosive composites come in many shapes and forms, such as composite sheets, composite strips, composite foils, composite pipes, composite bars, composite wires, composite profiles, composite forgings, and composite powders. These composite materials can also be used to make composite parts, composite parts, and composite equipment.

Explosive recombination is a new technology developed in the following year. It can recombine the majority of metal materials to form a composite material of two or more metal (alloy) properties, thus greatly expanding the existing metal (alloy ) Performance and application range, and can save precious metals. The advantages of explosive composite are mainly as follows: 1 It can realize the compounding of metal combinations with extremely different performance differences such as melting point, strength and thermal expansion coefficient. Such as aluminum / steel, lead / steel two metal combinations. The difference in properties such as melting point, strength, and thermal expansion coefficient of the two combined metals is extremely different, and it is almost impossible to connect them together by other joining techniques, or even if they are joined together, the bonding quality is difficult to ensure. The use of explosive composite technology has been successful. This is unmatched by other connection technologies. 2 Since the explosive composite is completed in a very short time (in the order of a few microseconds), the composite interface has almost no diffusion or only a small degree of diffusion. Therefore, the formation of a brittle metal compound can be avoided, and a combination of a metal combination such as titanium/steel can be realized. 3 Explosive composite engineering applications are novel and unique. It has unique features for the compounding of shaped parts, such as it can be used for outsourcing and in-packaging of metal pipes. Further, there is no limitation on the maximum thickness of the substrate; a multilayer composite or the like can be performed once.

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