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Power environmental protection

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Applied material:TA2/Q235B TA2/Q345B

Usual format:Multilayer thickness: 1.0-1.6mm Base thickness: 8-20mm Size: 1000-2500*6000-8000mm

Engineering achievements:In xinjiang tianshan electric power co., LTD., manas 2 * 300 mw power units, sichuan huadian gong xien power generation co., LTD., shanxi xing of 2 * 600 mw gujiao power generation co., LTD., a period of 2 * 330 mw units phase ii, chongqing MDI integration of 2 * 600 mw project form a complete set of 2 * 330 mw heat island center project, hebei xibaipo power generation co., LTD. 2 * 330 mw unit, datang changchun second thermoelectric limited liability company 2 * 200 mw unit, the national electricity investment group of jiangxi electric power co., LTD should be 2 * 660 mw power plant expansion project, can send set of Inner MongoliaHead tan power plant 2*660MW units, Indonesia west kalimantan 2X100MW coal-fired power station project (export), huaneng Inner Mongolia shangdu power generation co., LTD. 2*600MW units...

Aspects involved: coal conveyor belts, power plant condenser tube sheets, chimney anti-corrosion lining materials, etc.


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