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Give full play to the company's research and processing technology advantages in metal materials and composite materials such as titanium, nickel, zirconium, niobium, tantalum and stainless steel, and strive to provide users with perfect application solutions in special harsh environments.

The company has a team of professional metal materials engineers and experts. In the years of work practice, it has established an efficient and complete work management system, which can deeply understand and grasp the needs of customers, and provide customers with the selection of rare refractory non-ferrous metals and their composite materials. It is recommended and delivered through the explosive composite final product.


Pre-sales service: In the early stage of the project, our company can provide reasonable suggestions for customers according to the specific conditions of the site and the working conditions. It can provide the selection of rare metal materials and composite materials such as stainless steel, titanium, zirconium, nickel, copper, bismuth and antimony.

In-sale service:

staff training

Our company can prepare detailed training plans according to the actual purchase materials of customers, and provide corresponding teaching materials to carry out training work such as lifting, loading, unloading, storage, transportation and welding to ensure the quality of the project;


In the production and processing process of our company, the key processes can be inspected by the owner's personnel according to the actual situation, and provide all necessary measures to ensure the convenience of the owner's work and life.

After sales service

Quality tracking

In accordance with national standards, contract technical requirements and customer requirements, Haihua Company conducts quality tracking management for each composite board and materials manufactured by the company. Any problems and opinions during the use of the users can be recorded and solved. On the one hand, it ensures the good maintenance of the products, on the other hand, it also provides a favorable basis for process innovation and improvement.

Customer return visit

The product use survey and user satisfaction survey, regular return visits to products and company services, effectively improve the company's management and service levels, to ensure that subsequent customers bring better products and experience.

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