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The company has professional management talents and standardized management system. It can build an efficient project operation team according to customer needs and provide necessary support and services for the project. Through comprehensive, unified coordination and overall planning for quality assurance and quality control, schedule control, cost control, material control, purchased parts management and timely communication, we ensure that qualified products are delivered within the required working period to meet user needs and create maximum for users. Benefits.


Quality Management: The company has passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification and established a complete process and manufacturing quality system for the production of metal composite materials. And actively carry out international certification work such as SGS and ABS.


Process control: Strictly control the whole process of manufacturing in strict accordance with national laws and regulations, standards, and quality management system documents, ensuring that every key node in every aspect of product manufacturing is under strict control.

Quality inspection: The company is equipped with perfect quality inspection equipment. From raw material inspection to various types of experiments in the production process, non-destructive testing, and third-party supervision before leaving the factory, it has complete quality inspection and system control.

Quality control detailed measures

Inspection quality control and assurance measures

Through the strict control and test of the whole process of production, the products are effectively controlled to prevent unqualified or unqualified products from leaving the factory.

Process inspection control

During the production process, the inspectors carry out strict inspection and verification according to special processes such as welding, explosive welding and heat treatment. After each process is completed, the process inspection is carried out in time. When the inspection results meet the requirements, they are signed and released. For the special technical requirements put forward by customers, the focus is on strengthening inspection control. Strengthen the inspection work in the production process, identify and control the problems that may occur early, and strictly control the process at the stop point.

Physical and chemical inspection

Chemical analysis, mechanical performance test, corrosion test, etc. of raw materials, product welding test panels, process evaluation test panels, welder test panels, etc. are strictly in accordance with relevant regulations. The preparation, processing, testing and determination of the samples shall be in accordance with the relevant standards and rules and regulations. The test results shall have original records, which shall be reviewed and signed by the relevant responsible person. The inspection, metering and test equipment must be in good condition and in good working order to ensure that all equipment, appliances, etc. used for testing are in the calibration cycle.

Product final inspection and quality assurance

After the product is completed, the quality inspection department will conduct a comprehensive inspection according to the procedures and requirements stipulated by the relevant standards of the product, and focus on whether it is consistent with the technical requirements put forward by the customer to ensure that the production quality and inspection procedures of the product meet the specified requirements. All raw materials and documents for the process and inspection must be archived to ensure reviewability. Before leaving the factory, provide product certification, quality assurance, base, multi-layer material quality certificate, composite board ultrasonic test report, penetration test report, packing list, etc.

Nondestructive testing program control

The bonding rate of the laminated joints and composite plates of the laminated board must be 100% non-destructive testing. The non-destructive testing personnel must inspect according to the technical requirements and the requirements of the non-destructive testing process, and the personnel above the second level shall be assessed according to the corresponding standards.

Rework control measures

According to the technical conditions of the equipment drawings and the relevant regulations for the production of metal composite plates, the composite materials and the laminated plate splice welds that have been repaired by the flaw detection are repaired by the responsible technicians, and the welders with valid certificates are repaired according to the process requirements. Fill in the repair record. The repaired area shall be re-inspected according to the original process requirements.

Meteorological quality

As a well-known enterprise in the field of metal composite materials in China, we are fortunate to be in the best time for the development of the country and the market. We will continue to bring customers a rock-solid product quality and excellent experience with high-quality products and services.

1. One of the most complete enterprises in the field of explosive composites in the same industry in China, with complete legal operation procedures for dangerous industrial explosions and the best production explosions in the country to ensure product quality and construction period;

2. Complete independent intellectual property rights, independent production, and main raw materials are from domestic famous brands and large enterprises to ensure quality;

3. The company has been in business for 33 years since its establishment, and its products have been used in domestic and foreign markets for more than 30 years;

For more than 30 years, the feedback on product quality in complaints has been almost zero.

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